Membership Info


Triangle Kendo & Iaido is a non-profit organization committed to bringing traditional Japanese sword arts of kendo and iaido to the Research Triangle area of North Carolina for as little cost as possible to members. We have a dojo in Raleigh at HealthTrax health club, at Duke University in Durham, and at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. You do not have to be a university student to participate.

 We charge a members due of $24 per year. There is a non-refundable $20 initiation fee the first year you join. We use dues to fund our annual intra-dojo tournament, the annual members meeting and help when we have a visiting sensei for a seminar. In addition each dojo has a facility fee that is paid to the facility they practice in (does not go to TKI). The facility fee varies by dojo. Each dojo has its own instructor but members are welcome to practice at any or all of the TKI dojo if they can.

Here is a link to the TKI membership form