Triangle Kendo & Iaido is based in the RTP area of North Carolina and we are a non-profit dojo dedicated to promoting Japanese sword martial arts of kendo and iaido at as low cost to members as possible.



We have had a good year competitively. Our results so far this year:

All Carolina tournament

1st place – individual/Woman: T. Morishima
1st place – individual/1-3 dan: T. Morishima
2nd place – individual/Senior: T. Tsurumi

Georgia Kendo Association Annual Tournament

1st place – individual/Woman: T. Morishima
2nd place – individual/Youth-C: T. Morishima
3rd place – individual/1-3 dan: T. Morishima
Team 3rd place: T. Morishima, J. Kim, P. Farnsworth, A. Kassi, T. Tsurumi

AUSKF Junior Open National kendo Championship

1st place – Individual/Senior Girls: T. Morishima

AUSKF National Kendo championship

1st place – Individual/Senior Girls: T. Morishima
1st place – Junior/Senior Girls Team: T. Morishima
3rd place – Mudansha Team: P. Farnsworth


Please look at our tribute page for Takino Morishima for her success at 2017 AUSKF National Tournament

Our Summer kendo practice schedule will include Friday evenings at the Raleigh dojo (6:30-8:30pm).

The UNC dojo is currently practicing on Sunday (1-3pm) and Tuesday (6-8pm) in Woollen gym multipurpose studio (B017) on the UNC campus.

For more complete information please visit the dojo web page (in menu bar at top)

Dear interested parties, currently we have suspended iaido practices due to the fact that our previous iaido instructor has returned to Japan.  We are hoping to re-institute our iaido practice when we have another instructor capable of leading practice. Until then I am sorry but there will be no iaido practice. Our kendo practices however are still ongoing.

 For those interested in membership or paying their fees please follow the link below for payment information:

2017 TKI Registration Form


last update: July 1, 2017

Background photo credit:
Sungmin Ro sensei, Tampa Kendo Club