Triangle Kendo & Iaido is based in the RTP area of North Carolina and we are a non-profit dojo dedicated to promoting Japanese sword martial arts of kendo and iaido at as low cost to members as possible.


2013 was a busy year for TKI. In September we hosted the 24th Annual Southeastern US Kendo Federation Championship tournament. TKI did quite well taking first in team competition as well as first in mens sandan and above. We also had members place in other divisions.

In addition, TKI hosted the SEUSKF juniors tryouts for the 2014 AUSKF Championships, including a mens and womens team practice.

We also had visits by Kunitoshi Arai sensei (7 Dan) from GKA dojo in Atlanta, GA and Masaru Fujiwara sensei (7Dan) from Atsugi City, Kanagawa, Japan.

We were happy to welcome back James Parker sensei (6 Dan) to North Carolina.  Although not a TKI member, Parker sensei practices weekly with the UNC and Raleigh dojos.



Registration for the All Carolina tournament has been sent out via TKI mailing list. Also seminar in Richmond, VA  area has been sent out and is downloadable from the SEUSKF web site. Reg for Richmond is over and the deadline for Richmond seminar is March 29.


last update: March 23, 2014