About Us

Triangle Kendo & Iaido was formed in late 2003 and became an official Southeastern US Kendo Federation dojo in 2004.

Since that time we have had 3 head sensei. Kotaro Yoshida sensei (now 6 dan and living in Chicago) was our first head sensei. With his guidance we started out trying to offer kendo instruction at the lowest possible cost to our students.

This intent was furthered by Toshihiko Yasuda sensei (4 dan) during his stay in North Carolina. Yasuda sensei has now moved back to Japan. During his time here we hosted our first regional championship as a club at Chapel Hill in 2006.

When Yasuda sensei moved back to Japan, James Kim sensei (now 5 Dan) took the position as head sensei.  Under Kim sensei’s leadership we have hosted the 24th SEUSKF Championship in September of 2013.

TKI has become a competitive club in tournaments, having placed highly in team and individual divisions in several regional tournaments over the years. However, we continue to stress kihon (basics), spirit, and etiquette in our everyday practice.